[Solved] A plane ticket to Barcelona costs £175. The price decreases by 6%. Work out the new price of the plane ticket

Step 1: Understanding the Problem

This problem illustrates the concept of percentage decrease, which is a useful way to express reductions in quantities or values as a percentage of the original amount. This is a useful concept in a variety of fields, including finance, business, and economics.

The problem here is asking for the new price of a plane ticket to Barcelona after a decrease of 6%. The original price of the ticket is £175.

Step 2: Understanding Percentage Decrease

The concept of “percentage decrease” is a way of expressing a reduction in a quantity as a percentage of the original amount. In this case, the price of the plane ticket is decreasing by 6%.

Step 3: Calculating the Decrease in Price

The first step to solving the problem is to calculate the actual decrease in price. This is done by multiplying the original price by the percentage decrease.

Decrease in Price = Original Price * Percentage Decrease Decrease in Price = £175 * 6% = £10.50

So, the price of the ticket decreases by £10.50.

Step 4: Calculating the New Price

The new price of the plane ticket can be found by subtracting the decrease in price from the original price.

New Price = Original Price – Decrease in Price New Price = £175 – £10.50 = £164.50

So, the new price of the plane ticket to Barcelona is £164.50.

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