[Solved] A theatre ticket costs £63 plus a booking fee of 3%. What is the total price of the ticket?

Step 1: Calculating the Booking Fee

The booking fee is calculated as a percentage of the ticket’s cost.

In this case, the booking fee is 3% of £63. To find the booking fee, you multiply the ticket cost by the booking fee rate:

Booking Fee = Ticket Cost * Booking Fee Rate Booking Fee = £63 * 3% = £1.89

Step 2: Calculating the Total Price

The ticket’s total price is the sum of the original ticket cost and the booking fee. So, to find the total price of the ticket, you add the original ticket cost to the booking fee:

Total Price = Ticket Cost + Booking Fee Total Price = £63 + £1.89 = £64.89

So, the total cost of the ticket, including the booking fee, is £64.89. This calculation involves understanding basic arithmetic operations and how percentages are calculated and applied to costs.

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