[Solved] A Waitress Earned $ 73 For 6 Hours Of Work. The Total Included $46 In Tips. What Was Her Hourly Wage?

To determine the waitress’s hourly wage, we first need to determine how much she earned from wages (excluding tips) and then divide that by the number of hours she worked.

Step 1: Determine the Wages Earned (Excluding Tips) Wages (excluding tips) = Total earned – Tips Wages=$73−$46Wages=$73−$46

Step 2: Calculate the Hourly Wage Hourly wage = Wages (excluding tips)Number of hours workedNumber of hours workedWages (excluding tips)​

Using the given data, we can now calculate the hourly wage.

Step 2: Divide by Hours Worked to Find Hourly Wage Hourly wage = Wages (without tips)6 hours6 hoursWages (without tips)​

Now, I’ll perform the calculations.

The waitress’s hourly wage, when simplified, is still $4.50 per hour.

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